Body Soul Movement Therapy

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"Dancing & Running"
  • Body Soul Movement Therapy includes:

  • 1. Short bursts of intense physical exercise to liberate body and mind from pain, past and reaction

  • 2. An intensive mind-body work to reach a state of balance

  • 3. Experiencing the sensations of life through movement

  • 4. Dance and improvisation

  • 5. Physical theater and voice work

  • 6. Self-expression - overcome the fear of going out of your comfort zone
About Body Soul Movement

Body Soul Movement is flowing, spontaneous and fun - while offering the potential for deep transformation, and emotional-mental-physical balancing. It is a Journey of Healing, Experience, Joy and Creativity.

The Body and Soul are full of natural, spontaneous energy, vibration, intuition, and aliveness. There is no judgment or reaction, no expectation or guilt, and no past or future.

These natural states of the body and soul are continuous and clear, yet often clouded over by elements of suffering. Given space, we become aware of the nature of body and soul. In Body Soul Movement Therapy we will attempt to open that space. We will allow our mind to be silent and our body to let go. Through dancing, singing, playing, breathing and touching we will feed the parts of our body and soul that we have buried, forgot and ignored. In short, we will reveal and awaken their natural states of being.

Through authentic, free movement we will release the deep tension and limitation that blocks our freedom and vitality. We will shake off the mind’s heavy burden of past experiences and their associated judgments.

We will follow the faith and wisdom of the heart, and accept ourselves without fear – especially the aspects we dislike, don’t accept, and often neglect.

Through self expression, we will reach a new form of dialogue and union with ourselves. We will play with ourselves. We will challenge our ego and light up our “story”. We will challenge our comfort zone and feel lighter. We are here to believe in our true self. We are here to shed unnecessary weight. We are here to fully embrace who we are (embody deeply who we are) and feel free.