Federica Clemente

"I select this particular retreat because it was more than yoga, it was dedicated for women and there were very positive feedback about the teacher - Federica. 

I was still scared if it’s right choice or not, but when I arrived and retreat started my doubts disappeared and I was just really grateful to myself for this choice. 

I felt seen, accepted, welcomed and surrounded by supporting and not-judging sisters. I felt that I’m safe to experiment and try to make new choices. We learnt a lot every day and I’m going home with new tools, new sisters, inspiration, gratitude and love in my heart. 

It’s such a happiness that we finally can release the fog in our minds and finally be comfortable with being humans with each other. 

Federica is amazing woman, alive, present, beautiful, passionate, kind and strict, wise and with touch of humour."

I bow you with my heart. 
May you be safe, healthy and peaceful, 

Anastasiia Orekhova 

"Unforgettable Experience" 

"This was my first time doing a yoga retreat and it exceeded my expectations. Everything from the location, through the food to the beautiful human being that Federica is made it one of the best experiences I had in 2018. Federica is so especial and make you feel so welcome and comfortable and at the same time she triggers everything within you so you make the most of the experience. I can say that in 1 week I've learnt a lot more than I have ever learnt from reading books or doing yoga. I highly recommend this retreat to all women, especially a womens one because I feel with the feminine intimacy and connection is where the magic happens. A real sisterhood was bornt from this retreat. The food was vegetarian and really delicious and varied. Natasha and Alessandro were so nice and adapted to our needs. Bedrooms were lovely with a rustic but comfortable and cosy feel. I loved everything about this experience."

"The only downside of all was the fact that this winter was really cold in the south of Italy, and toilets are outside the bedrooms, so having to wee at night was kind of a nightmare because you had to take a coat (in the dark) and walk to the external area that was really cold in contrast to the warmth bedrooms. I'm sure any other time of the year this won't be a problem."

Alessandra Madio 
United Kingdom

"The week with Federica exceeded all my expectations. Being a therapist and coach myself, I can say that’s not an easy thing to do. Federica has a magic combination of intuïtion, passion for her work, deep love for people and lots of wisdom and competente. Through unique approach she touches body, heart, mind and soul, which has a deep impact on your personal transformation process. By being enlightened and grounded at the same time she can hold a safe space for evolving. 

One of the most inspiring women I met in my life. Thanks from my heart !!"

Els Demesmaeker
United Kingdom

"Perfect way to spend the new year 
Federica’s yoga Reteat was a journey into my inner world. The perfect balance of body, soul, spirit work as we prepared to leave 2018 and welcome 2019. Excellent food and a lot of unexpected awakenings. Great to spend time in the company of amazing women xxx"


"I spent the most amazing week in Puglia at Federica’s retreat over New Year 2019. What a beautiful way to leave behind what doesn’t serve as we stepped mindfully into 2019... 

I loved that as the week went on and we Explored what really matters for us, the bond of sisterhood deepened, the yoga became more mindful and the dance more intense ... all of this in Federica’s care. 

Federica has that wonderful balance of the joy of movement and laughter, the sacredness of silence and stillness, and courage to support and challenge us as we shared our experiences. 

Thank you for a wonderful journey ... Highly highly recommend xxxx"


"Talk about being taken to another level; physicially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually! Federica is an amazing, multi-talented woman - natural, earthy, energetic, funny, intelligent and strong through and through. She was able to bring raw emotions out in the most pure and honest way in the Women's Circle by listening and using the multiple tools that she possesses. 

Federica's work speaks for itself! During Yoga lessons, Frederica was very alert and aware of every move anyone made and was quick in correcting postures. My spine has never felt so erect in half the century that I've lived! One of my purposes of this retreat was to advance a bit in yoga, but not only was that achieved but I came out emotionally healed! Not to mention the wonderful women I met there!

Thank you Federica for making this possible. Namaste."

Basel, Switzerland 

"It was my first retreat ever and it was a new and wonderful experience! The combination of the wonderful place and surroundings on the 8 hectare wild ground, the coaching from Frederica, the freedom in the afternoon and different aspects in the programs (yoga, dance, massage, talking, woman circles, etc) made a great impression on me.Frederica is a great, energetic and pure woman who gives the group the right respectful of energy. She looked through my boundaries and touched my soul. I have never met someone who can do this. I am so grateful!I would recommend every woman to this retreat. It will give you a moment of peace and you will become more in touch with your soul!"

The Netherlands 

"The Women's New Year Retreat was a unique experience for me! The secluded location, it's proximity to nature are necessary for such an extraordinary journey. The work is directed towards balancing body, mind and soul. Federica's dedication, love, intuition and passion for her calling is unbounded. 

The people in the group and their stories, their strength, compassion and drive for transformation were very inspirational to me.

I would definitely go again!" 


"I had a wonderful stay at Maya Yoga. The location was pretty cool, up a hill on an Italian's family's property.Federica and Joshua were very hospitable. Federica is very passionate about what she does and Joshua is the best cook ever! The retreat was a good mix between serious stuff (yoga, meditation, fire ceremonies, chanting etc.) and holiday stuff like the beach and a good laugh. So it was good fun!I would definitely recommend Maya Yoga." 

Nijmegen, Holland 

"Federica’s retreats are special and like nothing I have experienced before. One of the girls I met at the retreat said to me that Federica is the nearest thing to an angel that she has observed and I agree. She is a healer, a teacher, a mother and a friend. I feel blessed that I was guided to meet this beautiful woman. I can honestly say my life has changed for the better. She has a natural ability to tap into the deepest emotions in a kind and safe way. Yoga, dance and woman’s circles are all amazing and of course the fabulous food prepared by Natascha and Alessandro as well as Joshua’s support with travel etc. and Lamine’s support at the retreat center. Thank you and namaste"

Dublin, Ireland

"Federicas retreat is something extraordinary. Federica is someone extraordinary. I don't know how else to put it. She has a rare intuition and manages to see every single person for who she is. 

To watch this magic unfold, while being part of it, is unreal. This is so much more than a yoga retreat, although yoga is a big part of it, but expect to nurture your soul as well as your body. We were a large group of ladies who very quickly bonded and dared to open up to each other, and from that and with Federica guiding us, we grew so much. I am determined to keep this with me, being back in my daily life. I am in no doubt that going to Italy for this New Year's retreat, was one of the biggest presents I have ever given myself. 

The location is fantastic, I loved that we were alone there with no disturbances and still at close proximity to the ever so gorgeous village of Ostuni and the sea. I thought I would have loads of time for book reading and what have we, but days went quickly, with a routine you soon get the hang of and get to enjoy. The food was outstanding and the love that you're embraced with will stay with you. 

Highest recommendations to anyone open for going that one layer deeper while improving your yoga-bod and general health. 

With love,"

~ Pia 

"I travelled all the way from North America for this retreat – and it was easily the best money I have ever spent. If you live in Europe, do not even think twice about it – go. 

It is hard to know where to begin to describe the experience I had in Puglia on Federica’s retreat. It was a completely life-changing trip. I arrived closed up and wounded; I had been dealing with serious childhood trauma, as well as a recent divorce. I find the winter holidays to be difficult. I was taking steps at home towards healing, but I had gone through such a difficult time that I wondered whether I would ever come out on the other side. 

When I came across the retreat, I somehow knew it was for me. I booked everything at the last minute – and it was the best decision I have ever made. I mean that literally. I have made plenty of good decisions! This one, though, will stay with me for my entire life. 

The retreat itself brings together women from all over the world – and that alone is a powerful and amazing thing. I made friendships that will last a lifetime. But on top of that, Federica is a perceptive and talented leader. That does not even begin to describe it. She is truly amazing. She can tell when you hold back, or are not in your body. I feel more in my body now than I ever have, in my entire life. The yoga and the movement classes were incredible; I feel both grounded and strong. The meditation was also wonderful; I had not meditated much before, but I came to love it and will be continuing the practice here at home. 

Don’t get me wrong; I will continue the work that I began in Puglia. The retreat didn’t fix me. But it did provide me with a solid foundation, which was something I feel I didn’t quite have before. It filled up my love tank – all these amazing women, being open and supportive. It felt like being a kid in a loving family. I am now home, and while I am experiencing some sadness – I wish I could go back in time a bit! – I am also, for the first time, feeling like I don’t need anything. I don’t feel alone in the world, anymore. I am going to start a woman’s circle where I live, because it’s clear to me that there is such a need for this kind of thing, all over the world. 
The food was fantastic and plentiful. 

In short, I went on this retreat full of hope that it would help me change. Amazingly, it did. I am different. I am open to the world in a way I haven’t been since I was very, very little. I learned a lot of yoga, and that was wonderful – and I also learned a lot about life. Federica is incredibly wise; I would encourage anyone to go on a retreat with her. As for me, I’ll be back! 

*A practical note: I did NOT pack enough. If you go on the retreat in Italy (in the winter), it can be cold. Coming from North America, I was not practical enough about this. Don’t pack light for this trip – I did, and thankfully Federica loaned me some long-sleeved shirts!" 

~ Robyn 

"Yoga Body Soul movement retreat was amazing, interesting, inspiring and unique experience. I was searching for something like this, deep and capable of touching my soul. I feel that something inside of me has changed. 
Federica is incredible woman and teacher, full of energy, able to feel each one of participants and also all group. She has been great inspiration during all retreat and gave me instruments to go profound. 
This retreat is the best gift any woman can give to her self. "


"The retreat was amazing for body and soul. Frederica Clemente really knows what she does and she is an amazing woman! The whole week went smoothly and it was very much fun to discuss women's topics in the women's circle. The classes were variate and Frederica really goes to the core. The accommodation was really good and clean. The food was vegetarian and healthy. " 

Wan Ting 
Brussels, Belgium

"Federica is a powerful, multi-talented woman with a huge amount of positive energy. She really puts in over 100% of her time to make sure everyone is happy and personally taken care of. Unlike many other yoga retreats where you don't get much one to one time, her retreats are different. 

The week away really helped me unwind and put things into perspective. It felt more like a "holiday" than a serious yoga retreat. We did African dancing and body soul movement, chanting, and yoga massage. I felt like I could have done more actual rigorous yoga, but it made me a lot more aware of my alignment and holding poses for so long was really tough. You feel grounded and a lot more open after her classes. I stayed at the B&B which was gorgeous. Puglia itself is beautiful with rolling hills, and the people are super friendly and hospitable. 
The food at the retreat was delicious, macrobiotic vegeterian food. If you want a week away for some introspection in a stunning environment and yoga in a no frills attached environment - this is the place." 


"Maya Yoga was a joyful retreat, every aspect was cared for and the group quickly became friends. Frederica’s energy guided us throughout the 8 days of yoga, philosophy, meditation, massage, African dance, body soul movement, ceremony and discussions. We kindly supported each other through this joyful journey. The food by Josh was delicious and plentiful, with beautiful attention to detail and a taste-bud opening experience for any non-vegetarian. Wonderful food and care. I would highly recommend the retreat, the surrounding environment was stunning, great for walks and the beach was a paradise. In May the flowers left the air sweet and warm."


"During my yoga retreat in Italy, I was looked after by Federica Clemente, a really beautiful woman with a big heart. I am saying it this way because she has a natural empathy towards others and that is a very good quality as a yoga teacher, and more generally, as a person. 

She has helped me in many ways to develop my yoga practice with her wonderful advice during classes which, thanks to her great yogic experience, were a combination of different techniques. She has also shown me ways to go deeper with my asana practice and, very importantly, within myself. She has taught me many things about my own power as a woman, like how to get in touch with my feminine self. 

Her spiritual approach about yoga and life make her a wonderful and sweet teacher. She is able to understand, to listen, to help, sometimes in a silent, respectful way, sometimes with a more active interaction. 

In Casina Settarte, I also discovered a wonderful way of life. The food cooked by Josh was tasty and made with love. The surroundings that we discovered during our afternoon trips were very nice as there are so many things to do around. Sometimes, I just chilled out in Casina Settarte. I really felt a total reconnection with the Earth, Nature and its elements. I felt serene and purified. 

The Body and Soul Movement classes were perfect too, I really loved the Afro dance classes, as I often say, they were 'Wow, something else!' 

Thank you Federica, I have so much gratitude for you and for everyone I've met during this retreat. I really enjoyed everything and I still feel the effects of what I have been taught and shown a month later. Wonderful experience." 

Nice, France